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Shortly after the momentous accident at Tschernobyl (26th April 1986) all of Europe is gripped by panic. The dark cloud hovering above the lands seems to poison nature and the peoples minds alike. Due to the alarming announcements on the radio and ongoing rain-showers Anna (Regine Keller) and Thomas (Zoltan Paul) are forced to spend the night in their van, just a couple of meters away from their front door... Ever new aspects are explored to make the unimaginable imaginable, to make the tragedy measureable on a scale of every-day-life. Self-doubt and emotional contamination remain unmeasured.


Press Reviews


Westdeutsche Zeitung

"[...] Allary uses small anecdotes and satirical humour [in "No Case for Worries"] to point out the consequences of Tschernobyl. The daily madness forced onto people by their own minds in the face of atomic rain, leads to absurd changes in their daily routine: A couple locks itself into the car to be protected; a man glues his window shut. The price to pay is separation, isolation and increasing aggression."


Rheinische Post

"In a number of bizarre episodes ‚No Worries' gives an account of the consequences of an atomic reactor accident. While the media try to downplay the catastrophe, a young couple gets into a rainstorm on their drive home from shopping and decides to remain in the safety of their van to protect themselves from the potential poison carried by the raindrops."



  • International Film Festival Munich
  • Spyhole-cinema Villingen
  • Pedagogic Conference Oberhausen



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  • Original title: Kein Grund zur Besorgnis (Short film 1987)
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Format: 16 mm, colour
  • Written & Directed by: Mathias Allary


Cast & Crew


Anna Regine Keller Customer Ruth Gaßmann
Thomas Zoltan Paul Mother Adele Neuhauser
Man Alois Strempel Child Julian
Old woman Lucie Allary    



Camera Robin Renelt Costume, Makeup Esma Yilmaz
Camera-Assistant Romain Geib, Pavel Pavek Production manager Michaela
Editing Isa Moeller Light, Grip Jürgen Braun, Thomas Kraus, Ralf Wilschewski
Editing-Assistant Esma Yilmaz Scene-assistant Uli Kick
Sound Dietmar Konnerth, Harald Will, Christian Baudissin Best Girl Leyla Yilmaz, Petra Kick
Sound-Mixing Rainer Ottenweller Script, director Mathias Allary
Music Deimel & Brand    


An Allary Film, TV & Media production.

Supported by Filmbüro NW e.V.