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Panoramas, virtual tours in museums, companies, industrial environments give users completely new interactive approaches. Embedded in websites, completely different spaces of perception open up.

We create our photo panoramas in 8 K resolution with professional VR cameras. That makes the difference to small VR amateur cameras. If you want to move around the room and zoom into the recordings, optimal positioning, high resolutions, and manual camera settings for exposure and gradation are crucial. In addition, professional VR cameras have 6 or more lenses and camera modules, which means that there is hardly any perspective distortion. Amateur cameras with two fisheye lenses noticeably distort rooms and people in particular. We also do the necessary retouching work to make tripods, technology, etc. invisible.

The image files in the following examples are compressed to enable fast loading times; the quality of the original files is higher. Simply click on the respective photo to open the panorama view. You can move freely in the virtual rooms using the mouse, and you can zoom into the pictures using the mouse wheel or the menu at the bottom of the picture.


Zürich Noël

- Zürich Opernplatz

 360 Grad Opernplatz Zürich


- Zürich Bahnhofstraße

 360 Grad Bahnhofstrasse Zürich



- Treppenhaus

 360 Grad Treppenhaus


- Büroansicht

 360 Grad Buero


- Gang Altbau

 360 Grad Gang in Altbauwohnung


- Halle 49

 360 Grad Lagerhalle 49


- Halle 49 / 2

 360 Grad Lagerhalle 49


- Halle 49 Oben/ 2

 360 Grad Lagerhalle 49


- Garage 55

 360 Grad Garage 55


- Garage 79

 360 Grad Garage 55


- Halle 49-4

 360 Grad Garage 55