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Murnau Felder 2000 

Sustainability, conscious use of resources and nature are topics that concern us in a number of virtual reality and classic film productions. In contrast to many, more argumentative, politically focused films by other production companies, we attach great importance to the creative and creative side in addition to the good comprehensibility of the relationships.

People absorb information more easily and remember it better when it is visually and emotionally convincing. Film experiences should be interesting and emotionally touching at the same time.


Steinlandschaft 2000


Already the first production of Allary-Film, Tv & amp; Media in 1984, the documentary "Scrspyard-Willi" told about someone who made recycling his life's purpose. Our production about César Manrique, the Spanish artist who already fought in the 1970s to set strict limits for the tourism industry on the island of Lanzarote and who skillfully staged nature to make its preciousness visible, set an example. The film, together with the Art Car designed by César Manrique, has been shown in the most important museums worldwide, such as the Louvre, the Museum of Modern Art and the Prado.

But also in our scenic cinema productions ecological topics were packaged in an entertaining way, for example in the short film "No Concern", which has the consequences of a super gauze in a nuclear power plant, or in an episode of the "Midsommar Stories", which deals with the Son of a farmer who sold his land to a furniture company.


Schweiz Berge1 2000


A series of virtual reality experiences is currently emerging at selected locations, which illustrates the possibilities of preserving nature and balance with this immersive medium.