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Claudio Standfoto

Mark Hintzen, Elisabeth Ulrich und Walter Spieske



Claudio begins to ask questions - a world of false security breaks up. At first quietly, then more and more furiously, the boy fights against the false morals and the lies of his mother and her friend Werner.

Claudio never saw his real father. The more the 14-year-old learns about his family, the more uncompromising the argument with the two adults becomes. He is only understood by his grandmother and Martina, who is the same age. At the end there is the farewell - a new beginning for Claudio.



Technical specifications

  • 16mm Kodak Eastman Negativ
  • Duration 82 Minutes


Claudio Standfoto

Lucie Allary und Mark Hintzen



Mark Hintzen, Walter Spiske, Elisabteh Ulrich, Silke Peters, Sabine Hegemann, Marcus Rasche, Robert Kotzur, Students and teachers in Düsseldorf schools



  • Script, direction, camera & editing: Mathias Allary
  • Sound: Christian Wagner
  • Assistant director: Nico Hofmann
  • Set manager: Guido Görrisch
  • Music: Dorothea Schreiber-Raukes



Claudio Standfoto

Mark Hintzen



  • FilmForum Düsseldorf 1982