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Burghof2 2000

Castle Courtyard


School doesn't always have to be boring - our educational films about the Middle Ages prove that. Shot at authentic medieval settings with a cinema film crew and strong actors, unusual little stories have sprung up, which are fun and stimulate thought and discussion in lessons and beyond.


Burg Magd9 2000

Young Laudine (Sarah Rüffler), who has to pay her levies


When Laudine, the mayor's daughter has reached the castle and payed her levies, she's able to explore the hidden areas of the inner castle. She's accompanied by the maid.


Technical Data

  • Format: Arriflex 16 SR on 16 mm Fuji Negativ
  • Duration: 15 Minuten, Licht,- und Magnetton



  • Sarah Rüffler, Bettina Hauenschild, Susanne Bentzien,
  • Heinz Rilling, Benjamin Reuter, Johanna Ziegel


Herrin Magd6 2000

Bettina Hauenschild and Susanne Bentzien


  • Camera & Steadicam: Jörg Widmer
  • Camera assistant: Martin Lorenz
  • Sound: William Franck
  • Sound assistant: Stefan Michalik
  • Equipment: Matthias Kammermeier
  • Baubühne: Harald Rüdiger
  • Props: Barabara Becker
  • Innenrequisite: Isabel Zollner
  • Costume: Barbara Oichl
  • Costume assistant: Sybille von Pflug
  • Make-Up: Elisabth Bitzer
  • Lighting: Rainer Pichl
  • Mixing: Rainer Ottenweller
  • Editing: Agape Dorstewitz
  • Production: Dieter Horres
  • Aufnahmeleitung: Katharina Zollner
  • Driver: Rainer Horres
  • Music: Hans Deimel
  • Written & Supervisor: Mathias Allary
  • Director: Anton Rey


Monch Schuler 2000

Heinz Rilling as Teacher, Benjamin Reuter and Johanna Ziegel as Students in the castle