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BMW World 2000



Very early on we recognized the potential of a fruitful relationship between education, school and film and consequently produced a number of feature films about the middle-ages, with renowned actors and professional cinema-film teams.



1999 we founded the, the biggest online-filmschool in german language. Contents from this site are used in Media,- and film universities, printed in school-books etc. E-learning seminars and blended learning combined with readings and workshops are offered since.



Not only our own projects have benefitted greatly from the know-how that Allary Film, TV & Media has gained over almost two decades. For example, Allary Film has given counselling to the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf and developed instalations that allow visitors to actively experience the different stages of film production.


We are always happy to answer any questions pertaining to the media industry. Whether it is cost accounting, project management or application for grants, with Allary film, TV & Media you have found the qualified and competent partner.